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Escape From Atlantis

Getting that time off school, work or any busy schedule is one relieving moment. We all yearn for that rest and time to interact with friends or family members. It is during this period that people engage in different pass time activities. There are those who love staying indoors to get the rest they need while others would opt to go out and participate in fun-filled activities.

Outdoor activities are good for your health and social life. Some of the outdoor activities you can participate in include hiking, kayaking, canoeing, zip lining, adventurous games among others. Adventure lovers can try escape room games which are very thrilling. An escape room game is a type of real-life entertainment where a team of players is required to exploit their surroundings to break free from an enclosed area or complete a specific task within a set period.

You can book for a session with Hour Escape Port Jefferson and have one entertaining and adventurous experience. This game isEscape Game Chess becoming a favorite leisure activity in most parts of the world. Some ideas you can use for this game include hiding objects, the use of light to escape a particular place or searching for objects in images. Engaging in this type of game can be of significant benefits to you. Here is why you should participate in escape room games.

Improved problem-solving skills

Participating in escape room games can help develop your problem-solving skills. This is because of the puzzles you have to solve or the critical thinking that is required to get through some obstacles. Playing this game can benefit students more than anyone else. You will become a fast thinker when you participate in this game.


Escape Room Game
You tend to become more creative when you frequently take part in escape room games. This game gives you the chance to work on your creativity which is always required for you to get through different puzzles. Your creativity is needed to figure out how some problems are meant to be solved.

Boosts your memory

This is one health benefit you get to enjoy from playing escape room games. Our memories tend to fade as we grow older. Solving puzzles or participating in activities that require critical thinking can help boost your memory. One of those activities is playing escape room games. These games need focus and high levels of concentration which is also good for your memory.…

wedding photo

The wedding day only comes once in a lifetime for most people. No one has the intentions to repeat it for the second time. When the time comes to plan the wedding, the couple wants to give it the best. Out of the numerous services offered, photography and videography are very crucial as this is where the memories are. For most people, the photos of their wedding matters even more.

It is recommended that these two experts should be separate to increase the chances of getting high-quality products. That is why you need to consider the wedding photography west palm beach experts as they are the best. When looking for such experts, check the following qualities:


It takes time to get those best shots which will impress all your clients. Both photo and video experts for a wedding need to have done many events and should know when to take the best shots. Enough experience will come in handy when dealing with light issues, action shots and high-quality work. It also determines how best they will edit the final product to give their clients the best. Therefore, any couple must choose the professionals with enough experience in wedding photography and videography.

wedding photography

Latest Tools for Work

As time goes, the technology keeps on getting better. Apart from HD resolution video and photos, we now have 4K, and every person would like to get this. While looking for either a videographer or a photographer, be sure to hire one with the latest video recorder, the best cameras in the market and lighting equipment. Apart from increasing the chances of getting the clearest results, new devices will rarely fail you.

Enough Manpower

You do not need a photographer who will come solo to cover your wedding. You need enough team to handle all corners as agreed during the plan and also have other staff managing other support devices like the light. A professional videography or photography company sends a team of experienced companies to cover a wedding in the best way possible. Ask them how many staff they will have and what each of them will do. You should always be satisfied and feel that all will be covered well during that day without fail.


As people are planning the wedding, they are always running up and down. They have many operations to coordinate to see the success of the day. Whether you are using a wedding planner or not, you need all the service providers to be responsive to calls and keep you posted. While most other service providers will provide their services on the actual day and wind up, the photographers and videographers will take long to deliver their final results.

Probably you will be able to see the results after your honeymoon. Therefore, their customer relations should be excellent. Ensure that their reputation for responsiveness good to avoid frustrations.



Every couple must ensure that they hire the best experts possible. This way, they will guarantee the best results possible. Many factors, including those that are discussed above, will tell you who to hire and who to avoid.…


BLVD News & Announcements

Posted on September 27, 2011 by admin

Bittersweet Blissfest at Late Bar will feature live performances by New Canyons and Astrobrite. This will be Astrobrite’s first live show in over ten years, and Scott Cortez will be joined by members of Mahogany for this special, one-time event. The show is on Thursday, October 20.

Mahogany- Electric Prisms 12″
We are beyond excited to be collaborating with the legendary gaze/indie-pop/n¨disco/multidisciplinary ensemble, Mahogany. This project will be both stellar and beautiful, and we simply cannot wait to release this album unto the world!

Mahagonay will be playing CMJ this year, on October 18. Read about that here.
Everything is Chemical just did a fantastic interview with them, which you can read here.
Mahogany website: here.

New Canyons, TBA LP
We’re also very stoked to be putting out New Canyons’ first vinyl LP. New Canyons are a local (Chicago) duo consisting of Andrew Marrah and Adam Stilson. They play ambient, shoegazey synthpop, holding early Depeche Mode, OMD and Yaz close to their hearts while adding a dose of moody atmospherics, effects, ambient drones and postpunk aesthetics. This will be New Canyons’ second full-length effort. We will be releasing this in conjunction with Good People, who will be doing the CD version.

You can purchase the first New Canyons album here.
New Canyons website is right here.

Astrobrite, pinkshinyultrablast LP

The next in our series of Astrobrite reissues will be the lo-fi/shoegaze masterpiece “pinkshinyultrablast” from Scott Cortez (Astrobrite, lovesliescrushing).

Astrobrite on facebook: here
Check out a review of our reissue of “Crush” on Still Single, here.

BLVD004 – Population, Population 7″ Out Now!

Posted on July 5, 2011 by admin
We’re extremely excited & proud to release the first record from Chicago’s epic postpunk/gothrock band, Population. Very highly recommended for fans of: Joy Division, Grauzone, Sisters, Cultural Decay, etc. Three tracks of dark, synth-heavy, highly danceable goodness. Limited to 500 copies, the first 100 are white vinyl. Get on this.

Click here to purchase.


Chicago & East Coasters: Population Release Show & Tour Info
Posted on June 20, 2011 by admin
The Population S/T 7″ (BLVD004) is almost ready! The record release show is this Wednesday, June 22, at Waterworks in Chicago (South Loop neighborhood), with the excellent bands Milk Music, Dastard & Birth. Show begins at 7pm and you must email for the address (DIY spaces, people!).
Show info on Facebook is here.

The official release date for the record (which will include the ultra-limited white-vinyl edition) is July 5, at which time you can order from this website or get a copy at your local record store. As usual, pre-sale copies will also be available at Laurie’s Planet of Sound in Chicago!

East Coasters can pick up the record at any of Population’s mini-east-coast tour dates:
Thursday, 6/23: Syracuse @ badlands, 1007 e. fayette st., 7pm
Friday, 6/24: Boston @ 18 dartmouth st, waltham ma, 8pm
Saturday, 6/25: NYC @ 538 johnson, 8pm
Sunday, 6/26: Philadelphia @ philly moca, 538 e. 12th st, 8pm
Monday, 6/27: Baltimore @ penthouse gallery, 1511 guilford ave, 9pm
Tuesday, 6/28: Pittsburgh @ the shop, 4314 main st

BLVD003 — Vee Dee, Miss Lucy 7″ Out Now!

Posted on April 18, 2011 by admin
The latest from Vee Dee, the bad ass …