There is no denying that mastering the art of playing the guitar is excellent. This is especially the case for those who are into music. It gives one an edge over those who do not have the slightest idea on how to play the guitar. However, one must know how to choose a good guitar in order to attain such feat. If you are planning to buy an acoustic guitar, keep on reading to find out some of the factors to put into consideration when looking for an acoustic guitar.



It is important to set a budget prior to commencing your search for an acoustic guitar. Experts will recommend setting your budget at around $500. The good thing is that finding an acoustic guitar within this price range is easy given the fact that the market is flooded with guitars within this price range. It is important to note though that one must be careful when choosing an acoustic guitar at this price range because some of the guitars under $500 are not made of high quality. That said, one can opt for a more expensive guitar if budget is not a problem.


GUITAR 2It was mentioned earlier that the markets are flooded with tons of acoustic guitars. That said, finding the best one might come as a challenge. This is particularly true if you do not have the slightest idea of the various brands of acoustic guitars. This is where acoustic guitar reviews come into play. Try to check out some reviews that pertain to acoustic guitars to have an in-depth understanding of the various brands of acoustic guitars. Moreover, you might also want to find a platform that publishes the first-hand experiences of other acoustic guitar owners.


Another important factor to consider when in search of an acoustic guitar is the quality. Always put in mind that buying an acoustic guitar that is not up to the standards will defeat the purpose of obtaining one. If you want your guitar to last a lifetime, always prioritize the quality before the price.


It is also imperative to make yourself aware of your skill level before buying an acoustic guitar. This is because guitars with an advanced mechanism may not be suitable for beginners. Alternately, acquiring a basic guitar may not help one in terms of skills improvement. It is also important to figure out your style of playing to determine which acoustic guitar best suits you.


In conclusion, buying an acoustic guitar is not that hard. All that is required is a thorough homework. That said, put an emphasis on the factors mentioned above to make the quest much more manageable.…

movie theater

Back in the days, going to the movies used to be among the most fun activities. Enjoying the theater experience was something to look forward to and was worth the money. However, statistics show that the number of people going to the movies has been on the decline in the past couple of years. The trend is expected to continue due to a wide variety of reasons. Some of the top reasons are highlighted below.

Reasons why people are not going to the movies

The internet

download folder

The internet has changed quite a lot in the entertainment industry. You can get all kinds of entertainment content including movies and music. Streaming services such as Netflix can now let you catch the latest movies as soon as they are released. This means that a majority of people can get the movie theater experience right from the comfort of their homes. It eliminates the need to go to the movies.


Going to the movies is not cheap. You have to pay for the movie ticket, transportation to and from the movie theater, and snacks among other things. The alternative of enjoying the movies at home is relatively cheaper. This makes people very reluctant to go to the movies, especially those who run on a tight budget.


music concertThere are many other forms of entertainment, which have come up in the current times. This means that people have many other options competing with going to the movies. You may opt to go to a concert or a sporting event, visit the zoo, or enjoy any other form of entertainment instead of going to the movies. The competition that movies are getting in the entertainment industry thus causes a decline in the number of people going to the movies.


One of the downsides to movie theaters is that specific movies are played at specific times. This means that you have to schedule your time such that you can make it to the movies on time. With the busy schedules that most people have nowadays, that may be a bit of a challenge. This makes people prefer watching movies at home where they have full control of the schedule.


Going to watch a movie at the theaters means that you have to sit in the same room with some strangers. You may find it difficult to concentrate on the movie due to distractions such as phones ringing and people getting in and out of the theater. There is also the concern that you might be sitting next to someone with a contagious illness.


lady enjoying music

Everyone enjoys listening to music. Different people will have different preferences in regards to the type or genre of music. Irrespective of what you listen to, you will still gain a wide variety of benefits from it. Below are some of the top benefits which you stand to gain by listening to music.

Top benefits of listening to music

Good entertainment

dancing and partying

Music can be very entertaining. You simply need to find your favorite songs and enjoy the music. It is for this reason that people pay a lot of money to attend concerts and music shows. It gives you an opportunity to have some fun and spend quality time with your loved ones. You can also try singing as a way of entertaining yourself or your audience.

Improved concentration

There are many studies which show that music can be used to improve your focus or concentration. The classical music type is known to be the most effective in improving concentration, as it tends to calm the nerves and does not really shift your attention to the song itself. Loud and raucous music can be distracting, which is the opposite effect. It will keep your mind preoccupied with what you are listening to instead of focusing on what you wish to do.

Health improvement

The usual instinct which comes to you when your favorite music plays is to dance. Dancing is known to have a wide variety of health benefits. It can be considered as a form exercise or workout. Exercising reduces your chances of suffering from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and hypertension among many other conditions. It also ensures that you remain physically fit and look your best.

Stress relief

girl listening to musicMusic can help you deal with stress in a variety of ways. For starters, given that it is entertaining, it will help you shift your focus from whatever is causing you stress and concentrate on having fun. Some types of music can change your moods and emotions, which will also help you to deal with stress. You can also find some encouragement and ideas from the lyrics of the music, which will help you to work out your stress.


Music can also be used for educational purposes. There is a lot that you can learn from the lyrics of songs meant for education. Given that songs are usually catchy and easy, they can help you remember whatever content you turn into a song.…

BLVD News & Announcements

Posted on September 27, 2011 by admin

Bittersweet Blissfest at Late Bar will feature live performances by New Canyons and Astrobrite. This will be Astrobrite’s first live show in over ten years, and Scott Cortez will be joined by members of Mahogany for this special, one-time event. The show is on Thursday, October 20.

Mahogany- Electric Prisms 12″
We are beyond excited to be collaborating with the legendary gaze/indie-pop/n¨disco/multidisciplinary ensemble, Mahogany. This project will be both stellar and beautiful, and we simply cannot wait to release this album unto the world!

Mahagonay will be playing CMJ this year, on October 18. Read about that here.
Everything is Chemical just did a fantastic interview with them, which you can read here.
Mahogany website: here.

New Canyons, TBA LP
We’re also very stoked to be putting out New Canyons’ first vinyl LP. New Canyons are a local (Chicago) duo consisting of Andrew Marrah and Adam Stilson. They play ambient, shoegazey synthpop, holding early Depeche Mode, OMD and Yaz close to their hearts while adding a dose of moody atmospherics, effects, ambient drones and postpunk aesthetics. This will be New Canyons’ second full-length effort. We will be releasing this in conjunction with Good People, who will be doing the CD version.

You can purchase the first New Canyons album here.
New Canyons website is right here.

Astrobrite, pinkshinyultrablast LP

The next in our series of Astrobrite reissues will be the lo-fi/shoegaze masterpiece “pinkshinyultrablast” from Scott Cortez (Astrobrite, lovesliescrushing).

Astrobrite on facebook: here
Check out a review of our reissue of “Crush” on Still Single, here.

BLVD004 – Population, Population 7″ Out Now!

Posted on July 5, 2011 by admin
We’re extremely excited & proud to release the first record from Chicago’s epic postpunk/gothrock band, Population. Very highly recommended for fans of: Joy Division, Grauzone, Sisters, Cultural Decay, etc. Three tracks of dark, synth-heavy, highly danceable goodness. Limited to 500 copies, the first 100 are white vinyl. Get on this.

Click here to purchase.

Chicago & East Coasters: Population Release Show & Tour Info
Posted on June 20, 2011 by admin
The Population S/T 7″ (BLVD004) is almost ready! The record release show is this Wednesday, June 22, at Waterworks in Chicago (South Loop neighborhood), with the excellent bands Milk Music, Dastard & Birth. Show begins at 7pm and you must email for the address (DIY spaces, people!).
Show info on Facebook is here.

The official release date for the record (which will include the ultra-limited white-vinyl edition) is July 5, at which time you can order from this website or get a copy at your local record store. As usual, pre-sale copies will also be available at Laurie’s Planet of Sound in Chicago!

East Coasters can pick up the record at any of Population’s mini-east-coast tour dates:
Thursday, 6/23: Syracuse @ badlands, 1007 e. fayette st., 7pm
Friday, 6/24: Boston @ 18 dartmouth st, waltham ma, 8pm
Saturday, 6/25: NYC @ 538 johnson, 8pm
Sunday, 6/26: Philadelphia @ philly moca, 538 e. 12th st, 8pm
Monday, 6/27: Baltimore @ penthouse gallery, 1511 guilford ave, 9pm
Tuesday, 6/28: Pittsburgh @ the shop, 4314 main st

BLVD003 — Vee Dee, Miss Lucy 7″ Out Now!

Posted on April 18, 2011 by admin
The latest from Vee Dee, the bad ass …


Watch this


Check out


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